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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How much are guitar lessons?

A - Lessons are $28 per 30 min.

Q - Do I need my own guitar?

A - Yes, we do not supply instruments. 

Q - How long are lessons?

A - Most lessons are 30 min. but they can also be 45 min. or 60 min.

Q - Where do lessons take place?

A - #102 4918, 46th St., Red Deer. 

Q - When do lessons take place?

A - Lessons are offered from 4-9 pm Monday through Thursday and until 7 pm on Friday.

Q - How much does music for a wedding cost? 

A - Music for a ceremony is $150, which includes music as your guests arrive, music for the ceremony itself and music as your guests leave.


Q -How much does it cost to have Shannon play other events?

A -The cost is negotiable depending on the details.

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